Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Introductions: my mountains

Pisa, Italy
Rue Monge, Paris
Rue Guy de Maupassant, Paris
Point Sur, Big Sur California
Cambridge, MA

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Who the hell is Susan Hanson and why is she posting spam?

I am SO GLAD you have a blog!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!! :oD
Glad to make Maria happy. Have no idea who the spammer is! OMG indeed:)
Isn't the whole point of going to mountains supposed to be that Zarathustra is isolated from society and a solitary thinker? I think using the analogy of a University to a mountain completely misses the whole point of why Zarathustra went to the mountains in the first place since there's a bunch of people there.
And furthermore Zarathustra was a revolutionary thinker and that has nothing to do with where you went to school.

If you're a true revolutionary thinker, no one gives a damn where you went to school or even if you went to college at all. Harvard can't teach you how to be a Zarathustra, it can only teach you how to imitate the Zarathustras of the past.

And if you're truly a revolutionary thinker, the academics are often the first to tear you down because their entire career is based on distinguishing themselves with degrees and Professorships and becoming part of a system that decides whose smart with tangible material rewards but if you buck their system by challenging their opinions from outside of it without going to their schools they don't respond because the system (the academic system and the people within it) naturally attempts to protect itself and the reputations of the academics within it.

Of coures I have a general dislike for formalized education and academia in general and Harvard specifically so I am somewhat biased on this point.

But I just can't see a real Zarathustra graduating from Harvard because that school's atmosphere is very stifling to revolutionary thinking and they don't like true radicals there.

Well sorry if this seems to be mean spirited in any way since it's not, I just stumbled on your blog randomly so I don't mean any personal offense or anything like that. I just really think that Harvard sucks (so does Yale too).
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